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Never Lose Your Valuables Again !!

A Wallet With An App That Connects To Your Phone. Plus Custom Tags So You Can Track ALL Your Valuables

Wallet, Keys, Passport, Cards & Much More…


Wallor Makes Your Life Stress Free

Augmented Reality

Wireless Charging & Detachable Power Bank

Smart Tracking & Alerts

Smart Planner

Smart Global GPS Tracking

RFID Protection


Your Wallor Wallets and Smart Tags

Track everything that’s important to you. Simply stick the super slim and small tags to any of your valuables and you’re done. Just tag itapp it and trust you’ll never lose it. With Wallor, it’s that easy!

Wireless Charging

No more panicking or losing touch with your loved ones when your phone battery is running low. Now you can charge wirelessly by simply placing your phone on you Wallor wallet. Your super slim power bank also detaches so you never have issues with airport security!

Phone & Watch Alerts +RFID Protection

You no longer have to worry about forgetting to charge your phone, leaving your wallet behind, misplacing your passport or losing your beloved pet. Wallor smart alerts help you stay on top of it all. More than just a wallet, Wallor is also your smart planner! Plus, your credit cards are always safe from skimming in your Wallor wallet. Goodbye identify theft!

Become The Hero You Deserve To Be